Monday, November 21, 2011

Where the Streets Have (Famous) Names

Sure, Paris and London have beaucoup streets and monuments named after famous statesmen, artists, and politicians- like Nelson’s Column and Victoria Station (London) and Boulevard Voltaire and Boulevard Henri IV (Paris). But they’ve had a head start, since LA only became a city in 1881. We certainly measure up with these:

-Someone in Beverly Hills had the foresight to intersect these two streets:

-The Japanese American astronaut killed in the Challenger explosion in 1986- Ellison S. Onizuka- has a street named after him in Little Tokyo.

-For you readers under 30, ask your parents who these two are:

-Just south of the Ronald Reagan Freeway is Richie Valens Park- Bonzo vs. La Bamba!

-Non basketball fans may have trouble identifying this:
Of course, Chick Hearn Court is right next to the home of the Kings and the Lakers- Staples Center. Maybe cities in Europe and Asia can start naming their monuments after office supply stores...

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