Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Market Watch

I barely touched on the huge number of ethnic markets in LA in my post last week. Besides Japanese, Chinese, Mexican and Dutch(!), there are also:

  • Persian, concentrated in Westwood;
  • Indian, on
    Pioneer Blvd.
    in Little India (see  in Artesia;
  • Filipino- but, surprisingly, there are almost none in Historic Filipinotown, just west of downtown on Beverly Blvd.- instead go to Island Pacific (a large chain) at 3rd and Vermont; Seafood City Market near Eagle Rock Mall (another chain); or head out to West Covina, which has many of them;
  • Armenian, in Little Armenia in Hollywood (go to and Glendale at the Central Grand Market on Central, and Glendale Ranch Market, also on Central ;                                          
  • Greek, in the Byzantine Latino District, which I mentioned in a previous post
Italian markets are all over. The one closest to me is Bay Cities, on Lincoln Blvd. To say this place is popular is an understatement- traffic backs up both ways because of all the cars trying to get into its small parking lot.
Also in Santa Monica is Shoop’s, a place I walked by for ages before going in and discovering all the imported German food you’d ever want to taste.

Auf Wiedersehen!

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