Monday, November 28, 2011

Shoot Me!

You know you’ve become a true Angeleno when you start recognizing where they shoot movies and TV shows. Part of watching a story unfold on-screen is to be fully drawn into the scene- and I am constantly taken out of the story for a minute when I realize where I really am. It’s one thing if the story is actually set in LA- but what if it’s not? During an NCIS marathon one weekend, I watched  two agents chase a suspect down the street in Washington, D.C.- until I thought “Gee, that looks suspiciously like the Main Library downtown!” (Also re: NCIS: my cousin has commented on the fence thay always show when someone is driving in the countryside is in Santa Clarita!) I’ve gone through the same thing with the Showtime series “Dexter”, which is set in Miami. Many of the exterior shots are in Marina del Rey, and the houses are in Long Beach.

My pictures for this post are at the building where Two Face (Tommy Lee Jones) had his HQ in Batman Forever (1995). It’s really an office building on Figueroa St. with cool art work- which I’ll save for another post on public art in LA!

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