Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pronounce This!

Saying the names of streets and cities should be easy, but like a lot of other things in LA, it’s not. Take, for example, two main thoroughfares- La Cienega and Sepulveda. Any time I have out-of-town guests, they invariably mispronounce them (try it with your next visitor).

And what happens when you pronounce something correctly? You’re still wrong. When I first moved here, I worked in Beverly Hills, and would drive down
Cañon Drive
. Note the tilde over the first “n”- in Spanish, ñ is pronounced “ny”, so I would say “canyon”. No one I worked with knew what I was referring to. Finally, someone said “Oh, we say ‘cannon’”. Forgive me for trying to be correct!

A girl I worked with at the time was from San Diego. She always made fun of tourists who came there and asked where La Jolla was, pronouncing it with the “j” and the “l”. Ha ha. I bet if she went back east, she couldn’t say Monongahela, Massapequa or Susquehanna correctly!

(No pertinent picture this time- just a fuzzy palm tree!)


  1. Anyone who even mentions words like Monongahela, Massapequa and Susquehanna should be taken out to that fuzzy plam tree and ___

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