Monday, October 31, 2011

Murals in Los Angeles

The recent vote by LA City Council to loosen up the (over) 20 year old restrictions on murals is long overdue. Done to prohibit advertising, it had the effect of banning everything. But- there are still murals out there now- some small, some taking up the side of a building.

Why these survived, I don’t know- there have been many cases of legitimately commissioned murals being whitewashed. The most recent example that comes to mind is the mural on the side of a building downtown of the artist Ed Ruscha, done by Kent Twitchell,  (Or maybe Twitchell is just cursed- he had also done the mural of the old woman with her afghan rug that loomed over the Hollywood Freeway- it too was painted over.) Every section of the city has some- East Los Angeles is a gold mine, as is Silver Lake, Downtown, and Venice. Go to the website for a list of where you can find murals close to you.

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