Monday, October 24, 2011

Professor Voyager Gives A Quiz

Okay, are you ready for your pop quiz on Los Angeles?

1) What is the longest street in LA?

2) What year did Flower and Figueroa Streets (in Downtown) become one-way?

3 What building in Los Angeles was destroyed by Martian spaceships in 1953’s “War of the Worlds”?

4) How many residents does Vernon (a city so corrupt it makes Bell look good) have?

5) By the numbers:
a)      How many nude beaches are there in LA?
b)      How many beaches can you legally walk your dog off-leash?
c)      How many beaches can you legally drink liquor on?      

Answers are below- no cheating!

                          Please take me for a walk!


1) Sepulveda Blvd
, stretching from South Bay to the Valley, is 42.8 miles long. By comparison, the distance from LA to Catalina Island is about 26 miles.

2)1987. It was done in conjunction with the construction of the Red Line, LA’s first subway. For all you readers who don’t live in LA, yes, we actually have a subway.

3) City Hall. There are probably people today who would like the Martians to blow it up again.

4) According to the 2010 census- 112. I’ve also seen 80, and 89- but you get the idea. It’s all industry, no residents.

5) Very low numbers:
a)                  0
b)                  1- in Long Beach
c)                  0- the key word being LEGALLY, as anyone who has ever hung out on the Marina Peninsula knows.

                               Smoking is not allowed on the beach as well!

The student who gets the most answers right gets to take their dog for a walk along
Sepulveda Blvd.
, trying to avoid any Martians they may see.

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