Monday, September 19, 2011

Castles in the Air

When you visit a new city, you may come across something so unexpected, or weird, or beautiful, that you say “Wow! What’s that?” In 30 plus years of living in Los Angeles, I can think of three Wow! Moments:

When I moved to LA in 1981, I was driving around in West Hollywood looking for somewhere to live. I rounded the corner and saw an enormous blue building – “What is that?” It, of course, was the Pacific Design Center, known as the PDC. Since then, it has been joined by equally huge red and green buildings.

The first time I went down to the Exposition Park area around USC, I saw a 747 parked on the corner!

And how many castles have you seen in the Southland? Until the fires of 2005, there was a castle sitting on the hill overlooking Malibu. (Sorry, no picture!)

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