Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Alvarado Terrace

I think most people have a set way of driving to work- they’ve figured out the best route to take, and they stick to it. But if you get off the beaten track, there can be a whole new world to see.

Case in point- I exit the 10 freeway at Hoover, then head north to Alvarado. Neither of these streets is particularly attractive. But- right after Alvarado forks off of Hoover, there is a street named Alvarado Terrace. One day, I decided to turn there. What a difference! Alvarado Terrace is full of gorgeous Victorian houses, 6 of which are designated as “cultural historic monuments”. I knew that the homes around USC, as well as the Adams district, had some beautifully restored homes- but I did not know about this street.


Shows what can happen when you take “the road less traveled”!

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