Monday, August 22, 2011

Moomoo Who?

Santa Monica is a friendly, walkable city that attracts a ton of people- locals and tourists alike.  I’ve walked and driven with many of them. And one of their favorite questions when we’re on
Ocean Avenue
and see this sign (right before the pier) is:

“Who the hell is Moomat Ahiko?”

I can now tell you the answer! Moomat Ahiko is not a who- it’s a what. It is a Chumash phrase meaning “Breath of the Ocean”. The Chumash were the native people of the area. The city of Santa Monica gave the former Route 187 this designation in 2004. (Go to The city minutes mention the fact that the staff will explore “signage or some other appropriate marker” to let people know what this phrase means.

It’s 2011- we’re still waiting!

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