Sunday, February 13, 2011

Voyager (To travel)

Welcome to my blog Voyager Los Angeles. I chose the name because I want you to travel around Los Angeles with me and discover all of the wonderful (and quirky and interesting) things it has to offer.

My first post is a picture of my very favorite freeway sign (and what could be more LA than that)- a sign for Interstate 10 proclaiming it to be the "Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway". Wow! I feel like I'm going on a real journey when I see that- I could be going to Texas, or Mississippi, or all the way to Jacksonville, Florida (where Interstate 10 ends) to get on a plane to Spain from where Columbus started his journey at the behest of los Reyes Catholicos (Ferdinand and Isabella), or to Genoa, Italy, where he was born-

or I could just get off at Robertson...
And speaking of the 10- although we Angelenos do indeed call it "the 10", the rest of the country does not share our love of the word "the". We put "the" in front of all freeways- the 405, the 101, etc.- so if you want to sound like a native, this is what you do:
"Yeah, you take the 101 to the 110 going south, then get on the 10 west, then the 405 south".

Happy travels!

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